Study questions

Life-Study of Ruth

1. An Introductory Word

  1. What is the content of the book of Ruth?
  2. What is the central thought and intrinsic significance of the book of Ruth?

2. Elimelech's Swerving, Naomi's Returning, and Ruth's Choosing

  1. What does it mean to say that the book of Ruth is a book of rest?
  2. What is the significance of Elimelech's swerving from the rest in God's economy, Naomi's resturning to this rest, and Ruth's choosing for her goal?

3. Ruth's Exercising of Her Right

  1. Describe how the book of Ruth portrays the way, the position, the qualification, and the right of sinners to participate in Christ and to enjoy Christ.
  2. What are the types implied in this aromatic story?

4. Ruth's Seeking for Her Rest

  1. How do the steps taken by Ruth correspond to our spiritual experience? Also, what does it mean to enjoy Christ to the extent that we have rest?
  2. How is the matter of rest related to taking Christ as our Husband and taking the church as our home?

5. Ruth's Reward for God's Economy

  1. What is the significance of Ruth gaining a redeeming husband? What is the significance of Boaz redeeming Ruth from the indebtedness of her old husband?
  2. A crucial aspect of Ruth's reward was that she became a crucial ancester in the genealogy to bring in the royal house of David for the producing of Christ. How does this matter relate to our Christian experience today?

6. Boaz and Ruth Typifying Christ and the Church

  1. Describe how Boaz typifies Christ.
  2. Describe how Ruth typifies the church.

7. Ruth's Ten Statuses Typifying the Statuses of the Believers in Christ

  1. What were Ruth's ten statuses?
  2. How are Ruth's statuses a type of the believers' statuses?

8. A Concluding Word

  1. How is Samson a typical illustration of one who moves in the Spirit of power but not in the Spirit of life? Describe how the book of Ruth is a book of life.
  2. Why is it so important for us to take the way of life in the Lord's recovery?