Study questions

Life-Study of Lamentations

1. The Introduction, the First Lamentation—a Lamentation Over the Desolation of the Holy City, and the Second Lamentation—a Lamentation Over the Destruction of the Holy City

  1. What is the subject and what are the contents of the book of Lamentations?
  2. Although it is difficult to see much concerning God's economy in the book of Lamentations, give at least one example of a matter mentioned in this book that is related to God's economy.

2. The Third Lamentation—a Lamentation Over the Afflicted Prophet Identified with His Punished People

  1. What attributes of God does Jeremiah mention in Lamentations 3:22-23? How did Jeremiah experience and enjoy God in such a way?
  2. What are the three matters emphasized in this message which help us to be under God's dispensing in a practical way?

3. The Fourth Lamentation—a Lamentation Over the Punished People and the Fifth Lamentation—a Lamentation as a Prayer for the Holy People

  1. How do we see both Jeremiah's human feeling and the divine concept in the fourth and fifth lamentation?
  2. What is the difference between Jeremiah's speaking in the third lamentation and his appeal in the fifth lamentation? Which is higher and why?

4. Jeremiah's Disappointment and Questions and God's Eternal Being and His Throne

  1. What is the significance of Jeremiah's word of disappointment concerning foxes roving in Mount Zion and his realization concerning Jehovah and His throne remaining forever?
  2. What is the answer to Jeremiah's challenge to Jehovah?