Study questions

Life-Study of Esther

1. An Introductory Word and the Secret Care of the Hiding God for His Oppressed Elect in Their Dispersion

  1. What is the central subject of the book of Esther?
  2. What is the crucial point of the book of Esther?

2. The Open Salvation of the Hiding God in Secrecy to His Persecuted Elect in Their Captivity

  1. Describe the open salvation of the hiding God in secrecy to His persecuted elect in their captivity.
  2. How is the book of Esther related to the fulfillment of the promise through Moses, the prayer of Solomon, the keeping of the lineage of the genealogy of Christ, and the keeping of a people for the possessing of the holy land for the coming kingdom of Christ?

3. The Eschatology of the Church according to the Divine Revelation of the Scriptures

  1. What are the three kinds of churches on earth today? Which one is the genuine one that we must choose?
  2. If by God's mercy we are living in the recovered church, what should we do and what kind of condition should we be in?