Reading Plan

A reading plan helps to keep you on track. Here's how to create your own customized reading plan.

Create an account.

Now you can begin to design your reading plan.

Give your plan a name, select the publication you are creating the plan for, and choose a start date for your plan.

If your goal is to read a certain number of chapters or sections per day, select "Define reading units per day." If your goal is to finish reading the publication by a certain date, select "Define end date and reading unit."

Select the days of the week on which you would like to read. Then, calculate your reading plan.

If you are satisfied with your reading plan, select "Commit." If you would like to revise your plan, select "Redesign."

Start reading! If you want to see today's reading, missed readings, and completed readings, you can click on "Calendar." If you want a printable version of your reading plan, you can click on "List."

You can also take notes while reading by clicking "Add Notes" at the bottom of the page.