Beta Test


We are close to launching version 2 (v2) of the 500 Life-studies (500LS) app, which includes major upgrades and bug fixes. Because of this we are inviting users to help test beta versions of v2 and report bugs. Please note that this is a limited release for testing purposes only. So, please only download the beta version if you intend to test the app and submit feedback/bugs within 1 week of installing the app.

Please note that this new version should install over your current version (v1) and keep your progress and schedules. However, there is a chance you may lose your progress and schedules. Therefore, we advise you to first back up your overall progress (in the More tab) before installing the beta version for testing. For reporting of bugs, please use our Canny feedback board at (and NOT in the app stores). When reporting bugs, please include your device type and the version and build number which are found at the bottom of the More tab. If you enjoy using the app, please consider giving it a 5-star review in the app stores so more people can find it too.

New features in v2 include:

  • Ability to set a schedule start date (to synchronize with others)
  • Ability to reset schedules (if fallen behind)
  • Review read portions or preview future portions from the calendar dots or Edit Progress
  • Toggle between viewing by portions and messages in Edit Progress
  • Percent read indicator bar in the in-app reader
  • Intuitive segmentation of messages into portions


To test the English version:


To test Spanish and Chinese versions:

We are happy to announce the upcoming release of Spanish and Chinese versions of the 500 Life-studies app. If you are proficient in Spanish or Chinese and would like to help test beta versions of these app, please sign-up below (please do NOT sign-up if you only want to test the English version - see instructions above):

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