500 Life-studies Beta Test Invitation

Update: Latest version of the phone app was released on 4/6/2022

Dear Saints,

You are invited to participate in testing a new platform called “500 Life-studies”, which aims to help believers get into the truth regularly by using the Life-study of the Bible. This is a beta release to a small group of saints so your participation and feedback (both positive and negative) are critical to its improvement for the eventual release to all the saints. Currently, this platform consists of a website, a mailing list, and a mobile/phone app. If you are willing to participate in this beta test, please do the following:

  1. Explore the 500 Life-studies website and subscribe to the mailing list.
  2. Download and use the 500 Life-studies mobile app from the app stores (Apple, Google; latest version 4/6/22). If you have a previous version and would like to test the latest version from the beginning (and see the latest onboarding changes), you will need to clear the app cache and data after you install the latest version, by going to your phone’s settings -> apps -> 500 Life-studies -> storage -> clear cache/data. Please note that this will clear your prior progress as well.
  3. Submit bugs on the Contact Us page and fill out the Feedback Submission Form

As part of this beta test, we ask that you do not leave negative comments/reviews on the app stores (which are public) but instead send them to us directly so we can address them. Also, please keep this platform confidential until it is ready for release to all the saints. Please submit your bugs and feedback as soon as possible so we can continue to improve the platform.

May the Lord stir up our appetite for the truth and motivate us to build up a habit of getting into the truth in our daily lives.

Grace to you,
Saints serving with 500 Life-studies