READ 500

Develop a habit of reading the Life-studies for your spiritual nourishment and growth in Christ.


500 Life-studies aims to help and encourage believers to get into the truth by using the Life-study of the Bible. The “500” comes from Witness Lee’s encouragement to seeking believers to read at least 500 Life-study messages for their spiritual nourishment and growth (see quote below).

Over the last ten years we have published approximately twelve hundred Life-studies. I have the assurance to say that whoever has read through five hundred Life-study messages properly has been an excellent believer.

Witness Lee, Elders' Training, Book 3: The Way to Carry Out the Vision, ch. 10, p. 106


  • Create custom Life-study reading schedules
  • Read in the app via a simple reader or integration
  • Track your progress toward different milestones

If the young people are constituted in this way, in the recovery there will be a great dispensational transfer. I would encourage the young people to take the time over the next several years to become constituted of all the Life-study Messages.

Witness Lee, Life-study of Acts, msg. 55, p. 477


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