Weekly Ministry Quote #9

“We should not consider that we are replacing the Bible with the Life-study messages. Every sentence in the Life-study messages supplies the truth of the Bible and life to us. The Life-study messages do not replace the Bible but rather promote the Bible. Every line of the Life-studies is like a cooked meal from the Bible, and it is ready to eat. In the Life-studies, ‘soy beans’ have been made into soy milk and tofu, and ‘wheat’ has been ground into flour and steamed as bread. The Life-studies are a key to open a door to a spiritual treasury. They will save us much time that would otherwise be spent in researching the meaning of words. Using the Life-studies is the way to obtain a rich supply, and it is the most efficient use of our time. If we read the Bible with the Life-studies, we will not waste time.”

(CWWL, 1985, vol. 1, p. 554. Living Stream Ministry.)