Study questions

Life-Study of Titus

1. Establishing the Authority in the Church

  1. What four things are needed for the maintenance of order in the church and why?
  2. Explain the meaning of the phrase "the faith of the chosen ones" in 1:1.

2. Dealing with the Influence of Judaism and Gnosticism

  1. Why must "different teachings" be watched for in the church? Explain how to detect the critical difference.
  2. What is the difference between "correct teachings" and "healthy teachings"? What should our goal be in standing for the truth?

3. Bringing the Saints of Different Ages into an Orderly Life

  1. What are the three references to the word "healthy" used in 2:1-8? How is this repeated reference to healthy significant in Paul's charge to live an orderly life in the church?
  2. How can we be healthy in faith?

4. Charging Slaves to Behave Well in the Social System of Slavery

  1. In 2:9-15, why did Paul not try to reform the worst social system of slavery as some might expect him to do?
  2. What is the grace of God in 2:11 and does this grace enable us to have a human living according to God’s standard?

5. Charging the Saints to Keep a Good Relationship with the Government

  1. What are the four units we need to take care of in order to have an orderly life and what is the most important unit among us in the Lord's recovery?
  2. Describe the particular kind of supply for hte church life, the family life, the social life, and our relationship with the government?

6. Dealing with a Factious One

  1. According to Titus 3:9-11, what are the negative things that we should avoid and why should we stay away from them?
  2. What does the healthy teaching convey to us and what should we pay our full attention to and have our entire being focused on?